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Montbello Barbers is one of the oldest black owned barbershops in the Denver Metro area. It was originally established in the mid 1980’s.

During that time it quickly established itself as one of the premier barbershops in the town, attracting the likes of several pro athletes as well as many career professionals that wanted a quality haircut. What an accomplishment for a business to service a city for over twenty long years. We salute Debra & Larry for establishing such a great staple for the community. It proved its strength by breeding over five other barbershops in the surrounding areas that are still active today.

After 20 years of business Montbello Barbers was sold and changed to The Chambers Place Barbers. Although the business name had changed, the customer base continued to call the business as its original name “Montbello Barbers”. With very few renovations the business continued to stay alive because of its rich history, reputation of good barbers, and most of all the loyalty from the community and devoted customers.

In 2008 the business began to struggle thus it was considered that it would be the end to a very great run. If this would have happened it would have been very devastating to the community and all the loyalty of many, many customers. When it seemed to be on its last leg this historic place surprisingly took another breath. This breath proved to be of fresh air.

In 2009 the business was purchased by Mareese Comer. It was given a new name “The New Montbello Barbers. In 2012, The New Montbello Barbers was acquired by Greg Allen and Charles “Chuck” Sagere.

The historic name “Montbello Barbers, LLC” was restored and registered with the state of Colorado as a legal entity in October 2012.

The current owners of Montbello Barbers, LLC are focused on investing into our community.

It proved its strength by breeding over
five other barbershops in the surrounding
areas that are still active today.

Meet the Team

Chuck Sagere

Hello Colorado. I'm Charles "Chuck the Barber" Sagere. I've been a barber for over 18 years. I took over Montbello Barbers in October of 2012 in Partnership with Greg Allen.

My chief concern is giving back to the community. Montbello Barbers has been in this location for nearly 30 years. I want to make sure it's hear for another 30 years.

My mission is use this shop to help the Montbello and Green Valley Ranch Communities be better one hair cut at a time.

Greg Allen

I thank you for visiting the Montbello Barbers website. Chuck and I took over this barbershop for two reasons:

  • We didn’t want to lose the historical impact of this barbershop on the Montbello and Green Valley Ranch neighborhoods and

  • We both felt we can use the barbershop in our own way to make the world a better place. In our efforts to give back to the community, neither of us dreamed of how much the shop would also give to back to us.

At Montbello Barbers, one of our values is to always “Do the Right Thing”. Spike Lee’s title never meant so much as it does now that we live those words. Stop by and visit. We’d love to see you.


Reggie Posey

Montbello Barbers

4848 Chambers Road
Aurora Colorado 80239


Charles Sagere
Barber/Chief Operating Officer

Gregory E. Allen, PMP, MS
Chief Executive Officer
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